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Happy Trail by Daisy Prescott (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)

Olive Perry dumped her social media celebrity boyfriend in the middle of the Appalachian Trail and has sworn off men. After five intense months of hiking by herself and cataloging birds, her path crosses with Ranger Jay Daniels. Jay (an introvert) just wants to get Olive safe and out of the track before an upcoming snowstorm hits. Of course, that doesn’t happen and both are forced to weather the storm in an abandoned cabin.

It’s a great forced proximity premise and Olive and Jay are interesting protagonists, but what really made me love this book was Olive’s internal musings. They are hilarious, they are fun, they are current, they are relatable AF. Thank you, Daisy Prescott, for that. Here are just a few of my favorites, but believe me, I highlighted so many funny phrases it was hard to choose.

“Cicadas are the loud, drunk girls of the woods. No point in trying to shush them. They’ll only scream louder.”

“Watch out fancy dinner parties, I’m going to blow your socks off with ornithological facts.”

“For the most part, everyone is nice enough, but I’m over every, single, last dude bro who feels the need to mansplain my hike to me. Over. It.”

“Not today, and the rest of the week isn’t looking too good for you either, Satan.”

“Sisterhood of the traveling sports bras unite.”

“There’s something so confidently capable about him that I find appealing. Must be a caveman/ cavewoman response in my ancient lizard brain. If you provide fire, I’ll be your mate.”

Ok, now that we established that this was a joy to read I did have my reservations with the relationship aspect. Jay is the sweetest, Olive is complicated but the perfect opposite for Jay. However, first it feels like there’s an unexisting conflict there… yeah, Olive has a bad history with relationships but she’s been single for a while and I just didn’t buy too much into the drama that was going on with Jay. After we discover more about Olive’s backstory there’s a shift, and I thought the conflict would really start from there.

But, there’s really no consequences to us discovering some interesting mysteries about Olive’s past. So, I felt that we had a bit of unnecessary drama, to begin with, and then after things go in a bit deeper nothing is really evolves and it’sprety much smooth sailing…

When we do focus on Jay and Olive being together they are amazing. Again, I need to praise Prescott’s writing style because she makes their bond so sweet and real. She writes really steamy scenes that are tasteful, and really sweet and funny scenes that are honest and entertaining. It truly a delight to read this.

This was an ARC sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Happy Trail is now out on all platforms.

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