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Stealing Her by Rachel Van Dyken (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐ (3.5 Stars)

The premise for this book is quite interesting, it reminded me of something like The Man in the Iron Mask. I like how the characters were established and the fact that Bridge stayed with his mom while Julian stayed with their father. Isobel was also a great protagonist, although I would have loved to see more of who she was, here motivations and life before her parent’s death. There was a lot of alluding to that, but no real in-depth backstory.

Until around 60% of the book, I was enjoying the story immensely. Bridge and Izzy had great chemistry and you could see both helping each other, and their mutual growth. But, I wasn’t a fan of how Julian was re-introduced to the plot. It didn’t make any sense how Edward kept him away only to bring him the last minute to the wedding ceremony.

He said that either bad or good news kept the company in the media, but that was just irresponsible, since bad news (especially one regarding such deep lies) creates mistrust with investors, and therefore can easily bring down the value of any company. Scandals like this can take years to undo. And I know that this is a romance novel and it’s about their love and struggles, but if I’m going to suspend disbelief I need the story to be cohesive.

Nonetheless, I did find this book entertaining. Again, Izzy and Bridge were great together, we have some very sweet scenes and some very steamy scenes, and it’s just good. However one of my favorite parts was the epilogue, where it feels like the author is building the set up for the follow-up book in the series. We get to see a very upset Julian, and it makes you wonder how the family dynamics will work in the future. It’s strong and it builds curiosity for what’s to come.

This was ARC sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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