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Drive by Kate Stewart (Book Review)

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“Because music is the heart’s greatest librarian. A few notes had the ability to transport me back in time, and to the most painful of places. Take any song from the Rolodex of your life, and you can pin it to a memory.”

Drive is a road trip book written is a very clever way. In acknowledging that music can make you time travel to a specific moment in time, Kate Stewart brings us on a journey with the protagonist Stella. Stella is having a huge moment in her career, and then she receives a call from her best friend. Stunned with the news Stella hops on a car and decides to drive 20 hours to make her way home, instead of flying like was the plan.

That’s how hers and our journey begin. Every chapter is a song, and each song part of Stella’s flashback. We go back in time to when she was only 20 and just moved to Austin to live with her sister. In love with everything about music, she lacks talent when it comes to playing any instrument, but, she can write about it. So, that’s her dream, to start anywhere she can and follow the scene, attend the gigs and ask interesting questions.

And then Stella meets Reid. The mysterious and emotionally stunted drummer is Stella’s sister (Paige) best friend and is always lurking around their apartment. They pretty much hate each other from day one, even though they see each other everywhere. From where they live to the same restaurant they work.

And while life is happening and Stella is struggling to hold on, she is also trying to score a freelance job with Austin’s free-circulation paper Speak. She just needs to write a few pieces that are fresh and cool to convince editor-in-chief and owner Nate to pay her.

From then on we are thrown in a beautiful story of self-discovery, love, heartbreak, a ton of rock-n-roll, second chances and just life. Hurtful, intense and beautiful life.

“One minute past desperation,” I whispered. “You have to wait one minute past desperation, Reid. That’s when it happens. You’ll get a break. You will. It’s coming” …”

That’s the beauty of Drive, it’s a book that is unapologetic about how complicated growing up is, how to find yourself you will probably make a lot of bad decisions, and knowing that relationships are never black or white. That sometimes family lets you down and friends pick you up, and sometimes even those who you least expect can lend you a hand and save your life. And that all of that can be wrapped in music and color, in dance and laughter, and the bittersweet parts will mesh with everything else in the fabric of who you are.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 Stars)

Who’s gonna pay attention
To your dreams?
Who’s gonna plug their ears
When you scream? You can’t go on
Thinking nothing’s wrong
Who’s gonna drive you home

Drive – The Cars

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