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Hearts and Thorns by Ella Fields (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)

‘’We weren’t only soul mates.

We were stitched at the seams, unable to part 

without losing fragments of ourselves.’’

Hearts and Thorns is a new standalone new adult stepbrother romance from the Magnolia Cove Series, and told through both Jackson’s and Willa’s POV.

Taboo in romance is complicated trope, because the lines are sometimes so thin between a forbidden romance and something that is almost unacceptable, it’s a complicated thing to get just right. However, Ella Fields does just that in Hearts and Thorns. She brings us a multifaceted romance, that has a kaleidoscope of drama and angst, but also one that can be heartfelt and pure.

I honestly wasn’t too impressed with Kiss and Break Up, the first book in this series and wasn’t too sure if I wanted to continue reading the next installments. However, after seeing some great reviews I decided to give Hearts and Thorns a try, and I’m really glad I did. I’m probably going to go back and read the second book Forever and Never now.

The story is divided into two parts, the first is when Jackson and Willa are kids and best friends. They always shared a deep connection, but as they get older and start navigating highschool, their relationship begins to shift. They start getting jealous of other people and very conflicted with what their feelings. That’s until Jackson plans a birthday surprise for Willa, and one kiss changes everything. They try to fight it, and ignore it, especially Jackson, putting some space between them. 

But they are young and immature, their relationship is exposed, bringing them apart. Their families split them up, and broken and confused they make a lot of bad decisions. Jackson and Willa are now going to different colleges, their future is uncertain and life guides them to very different directions. 

That’s how we enter part two. It’s five years later, and everything changed. They learn new things about themselves and their families, and need to tackle some ghosts of the past if they ever want a chance at a future together.

The second part was a bit over dramatic (That’s why I didn’t give it 5 Stars), with one two many ‘’false reconciliations’’. But overall this was a very sweet book that brings on some heavy angst and keeps you thinking long after you finish reading it.

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