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Just Friends by Charity Ferrell (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)


Someone should have warned me about falling in love with my best friend.


Little did I know when Rex came to my locker attempting to bribe me, that he’d turn into my everything.

We’d become best friends. I’d steal his heart. He’d steal mine.

Nothing has changed in the years of our friendship.

Not our connection, not our feelings, or that we still hold each other’s hearts.

But his heart isn’t the only thing I’ve kept.

The secret I’m hiding could shatter the only man I’ve ever loved.


I’ve loved Carolina since the day she called my bluff.

Our friendship always came first.

She believed in me when no one else did.

I tucked away my feelings because I couldn’t survive a life without her.

We crossed the line once, and I swore it’d never happen again.

As time passes, the harder it becomes to live up to that promise.

Until finally, there’s no holding back.


I love a good friends to lovers, and this one did not disappoint. Carolina and Rex have been best buddies since high-school. They did everything together and always had a mutual admiration and respect for one another.

Despite their intense connection, they always kept their relationship platonic. They were always each other’s rock and were always scared to cross that line from friendship to something more.
I loved the connection they both had, and their banter was delightful. Carolina (or Lina) was always the overachiever and Rex was always the laid-back jock, so they really brought the best out of one another and I loved to read about their story.

However, before they realize that they are meant for more, Carolina is roped into an abusive age-gap relationship. So beware if that is a trigger for you. But I appreciated how even thought Rex was extremely supportive at this time, Lina was ultimately the one that had enough strength to report the guy and do something about it. So, she was able to have a support system, but wasn’t completely rescued by the hero.

Despite this one heavy subject, this book is very sweet and an easy true best-friends-to-lovers tale.
I’m definitely going to read more from Charity Ferrell.

Thank you Wildfire Marketing Solutions and Charity Ferrell for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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3 Comments “Just Friends by Charity Ferrell (Book Review)”
  1. Sumedha      Feb 08 2020 // 02H35

    This sounds like a great book! Friends-to-lovers is my #1 trope so I’m sure I’ll like this one. The abusive relationship rep should be an insight as well.

    • lazybookconqueror      Feb 10 2020 // 03H07

      It’s really cute! Another lovely friends-to-lovers that I always recommend is The Guy on The Right by Kate Stewart.

      • Sumedha      Feb 10 2020 // 04H20

        I haven’t heard of that! I’ll check it out 🙂