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Angry God by L.J Shen (Everything we know about the upcoming book)

Update: Angry God is now LIVE. Find the book HERE. See my full review HERE.

After months and months of speculation, Leigh Shen revealed the cover and blurb for Angry God. So without further ado, here’s everything we know about Angry God – the last instalment in the All Saints High series.

Angry God, an all-new angst-filled new adult standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author L.J. Shen, is coming February 18th and we have the smoking hot cover! 

Vaughn Spencer.

They call him an angry god.

To me, he is nothing but a heartless prince.

His parents rule this town, its police, every citizen and boutique on Main Street.

All I own is a nice, juicy grudge against him for that time he almost killed me.

Between hooking up with a different girl every weekend, breaking hearts, noses and rules, Vaughn also finds the time to bully little ole’ me.

I fight back, tooth and nail, never expecting him to chase me across the ocean after we graduate high school.

But here he is, living with me in a dark, looming castle on the outskirts of London.

A fellow intern. A prodigal sculptor. A bloody genius.

They say this place is haunted, and it is.

Carlisle Castle hides two of our most awful secrets.

Vaughn thinks he can kill the ghosts of his past, but what he doesn’t know? It’s my heart he’s slaying.

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Sneak Peek:

We were told we were a cut above the rest, the future of artists all over the world. We had the talent, the status, the money, and the opportunity. But if we were silver, Vaughn Spencer was gold. If we were good, he was brilliant. And when we shone? He gleamed with the force of a thousand suns, charring everything around him. 

It was like God had carved him differently, paid extra attention to detail while creating him. His cheekbones were sharper than scalpel blades, his eyes the palest shade of blue in nature, his hair the inkiest black. He was so white I could see the veins under his skin, but his mouth was red as fresh blood—warm, alive, and deceiving. 

He fascinated and infuriated me. But just like everyone else, I kept my distance from him. He wasn’t here to make friends. He’d made that clear by never attending the food hall or any of the social functions. 

Another thing Vaughn had and I didn’t? My father’s admiration. I didn’t know why the great Edgar Astalis fawned over some boy from California, but he did, nonetheless. 

Papa said Vaughn was going to do something special. That one day, he would be Michelangelo big. I believed him. 

And so, I hated Vaughn.

Ok, so Leigh Shen finally confirmed that Vaughn’s leading lady will be Lenora Astalis, aka Lenny. We saw a few glimpses of their interactions before on Broken Knight.

“Lenora was a different breed of chick entirely. Her wardrobe consisted of black shit only. She wore a lot of eyeliner and had a septum piercing. If you’d told me she’d lost her virginity in a satanic ritual on someone’s grave, I wouldn’t bet against it. Seemed legit. What worked for Lenny was the fact that she was small and pretty, so she looked cute more than scary—like something Tim Burton would keep as a pet.

“Someone’s touchy. Is it shark week, Spencer?” Lenny asked Vaughn conversationally, examining her chipped, black-painted nails.

“Burn,” I coughed into my fist, laughing.

“Nope, but if it’s blood you’re after, I’m your guy.” Vaughn still didn’t look at Lenny. Lenny didn’t look at him, either. Was I witnessing a mating dance between two assholes? Dear God, If you are up there—which I’m not betting on, because why would you take my mom if you are?—please don’t let these two reproduce. The planet doesn’t need a third world war. Yours, KJC

“Are you threatening me?” Lenora seemed about as outraged as a used napkin.

“Do you hear something, Knight?” Vaughn turned to me, frowning. “I hear buzzing. Like a fly, or a cockroach.”

“A cockroach doesn’t buzz,” Lenny noted. “Learn your insects, Spencer. You’re about sixteen years behind on your material. Go on, Poppy. Get it over with so I can go back to my blissful existence sans this wanker.”

I pieced together the picture, looking between them. Vaughn was obsessed with all things British. Spaced, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and The Mighty Boosh. He listened solely to British music. The Smiths, Kinky Machine, the Stone Roses. Sure, his heritage was English, but Vaughn cared about his heritage like I cared about the welfare of the Hawaiian blob fish. Plus, Lenny had an Instagram. It could have been her account he’d been checking that time. She was a prodigy artist, specializing in insane shit. And he was…well, an insane shithead. Oh, and an artist, too. Lenora was most famous in the hallways of All Saints High for getting on top of Christ the Redeemer to take a picture of the Rio view. Apparently, she’d also taken a thirty-year-old Brazilian model as a lover during her vacation this summer. Vaughn and Lenora were a match made in hell, but they made sense.

“You like Lenora,” I signed. I didn’t want to talk about how much it hurt to see Knight with someone else. I didn’t want to ask Vaughn how long Knight had had a girlfriend. I clutched the ragged ends of my pride with bleeding fingernails.

I hate her.” He let out a breath, and with it, his obvious frustration. “Same difference.” “We’re competing over the same spot at her dad’s academy. She’s her father’s daughter. Connect the fucking points, Lu.”

“Lenora offered him a steadfast gaze. “Spencer.” “Did you make the funnel cake?”

“No, why?” “I would very much like to see my family and friends avoid being poisoned this Christmas,” he quipped.

“Lo and behold, he does have a heart. Would you believe I am literally surprised to hear that?”

“I might not know my insects, but you clearly have no clue what the word literally means. A quick word,” he demanded.

“I know quite a few.”

“I’m well aware.”

“Why is Vaughn talking British now?” Daria mumbled, looking around, dumbfounded. Emilia and Baron stared at their son and the English girl, fascinated. It was like watching a car crash—or your pet Chihuahua standing up on two legs, reading Shakespearean poetry while sipping on black tea.

“Shall we…” she said at the same time he huffed, “Let’s go upstairs to…” I glanced at Luna. Her eyes were still stuck on a page, but she was grinning. Lenny nodded. “After you.” They disappeared upstairs, leaving the rest of us in the drawing room.”

Also, we can assume that Lenora is the girl that was with Vaughn on the end of Pretty Reckless.

“Thank fuck, I thought I was going to grow old and die behind this thing,” I hear from the corner of the arch and cock my head. It’s our entire football team, cheer team, Mom, Dad, Bailey, Via, Knight, Luna, Vaughn, and a girl I don’t know but have heard all about.”

So, I’m super excited to see the final book from Todos Santos come out, and apparently this will be an angsty one. What are your theories? Also, Leigh Shen warned everyone to avoid spoilers from AG, which means the plot twists will be strong in this one.

I’ll post my review as soon as possible when Angry God releases, on February 18th.

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L.J. Shen is a USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon #1 best-selling author of contemporary, New Adult and YA romance. Her books have been sold to nineteen different countries. 

She lives in California with her husband, son, cat and eccentric fashion choices, and enjoys good wine, bad reality TV shows and catching sun rays with her lazy cat.

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