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No Strings Attached by Jiffy Kate (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5 Stars)

No Strings Attached was H.O.T.
For those of you that aren’t into delayed gratification and slow-burn romances, you will be glad to know that this book opens with a BANG.


It’s supposed to be easy. Jude works for an advertising firm and he’s a classic bachelor. He dedicates his life to the job, his family and friends and seeking thrills through extreme sports. This type of life leaves little space to finding and maintaining a relationship, and that’s why his friend Sebastian introduces Jude to an exclusive club where he can find a partner – No Strings Attached. Members can choose to either bid or be part of an auction and are then matched with a prospect partner for one night where no information can be exchanged.

This is a very steamy premise, but funny enough this is the only part of the book (first chapter) that goes down this more “erotica” path. It happens that on the first day going to the club Jude has an instant connection with the woman that bids on him, and he goes on a quest to know more about her.

It’s important to notice that they have an insta-connection and not insta-love, which means that yeah Jude is enthralled and interested, but the falling in love bit can happen naturally. Which I prefer imh.

No Strings Attached quickly evolves into a very sweet story. The woman from the club is Quinn, a single mother and a nurse that also has little time to invest in a relationship. Also, she’s very preoccupied with protecting her kid, Henry. Through a series of encounters, cute park dates and a heartwarming plot, both of them learn how to trust each other, and most importantly that love happens when you least expect it.


PS1: But did I mention that their chemistry is amazing? Because it sure is. Oh boy, it definitely is.

Ps2: It would be interesting to see more things in this universe. We get a glimpse of some amazing characters that are so full of life, they would be great for a continuation of this series. So, here’s to hoping.

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