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Middlegame by Seanan McGire (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 Stars)

In my journey as a reader, I can pinpoint the books that were a turning point in my reading experience. The first time I got a letter to Hogwarts or visited Middle Earth. The first romance book, and the first book that made me cry.

Middlegame is a turning point. I finished this book knowing that it would be very rare for me to read anything like this again, and also that I’m a different person because of it. This book manages to be a sci-fi contemporary fantasy written with finesse and sensitivity. Tugging at your heartstrings while shoving you headfirst into a scary world with Frankenstein scientists and the elusive Alchemical Arts.

The simple way to describe Middlegame is that this is a book about Roger and Dodger. Twins that were created and then separated at birth. Roger is the physical manifestation of language, and Dodger is the incarnation of Math. Although, neither have any idea of that. Together they can form the Doctrine of Ethos, and basically ascend to Godhood, controlling the universe. They were created for this purpose by a man named Reed. So basically, they are lab experiments roaming the world, ready to unleash immense power when called upon.

In a more complex way, Middlegame is a delicate book about family and control. About the choices you make and the consequences they bring. It’s about time and space manipulation but it’s also about friendship and mental health and breaking free from what the world wants you to be. All the while being simply Magical.

I don’t think it’s possible to describe in this review how this book packs a punch, but I just know that I’m incredibly glad and lucky I went on this journey provided by Seanan McGuire.

“You can’t skip to the end of the story just because you’re tired of being in the middle. You’d never survive.”
― Seanan McGuire, Middlegame

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