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Cutie and the Beast by M.E. Carter (Book Review)

Elliot and Abel have a few things in common, both have gone through divorces and are now responsible for taking care of their respective daughters. Mabel is Abel’s energetic little girl and Ainsley is Elliot’s bubbly child. Also, they are both working at Weight Expectations – Abel as a personal trainer and Elliot as the daycare’s (afternoon) manager.

When Abel finds himself looking for a roommate and Elliot is really struggling to be back at her mom’s house – they figure out that it’s the perfect idea for them to move in together – as friends of course.

But, that’s the thing with the plot, I never really believed in their romance. It was delightful to read about them as friends, but the evolution to something more just felt a bit cold? I just needed a lot more chemistry and there was nothing that suggested that they were IN love with each other. Just maybe that it was a happy coincidence that they liked one another and were both living under the same roof. And don’t get me started on the cheesy lines… I like rom-coms, but maybe this particular style wasn’t for me.

I did like how Cutie and the Beast addressed the issues of forming a new family and how kids will deal with a new love interest being introduced to their routine, so I appreciate that.

Overall, this definitely had some interesting and witty parts, but the romance wasn’t convincing enough to make it into a favorite.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (3 Stars)

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