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Batter of Wits by Karla Sorensen (Book Review)

”I want to taste that smile, Angry Girl”


The Buchanan curse strikes again, this time with a slight twist. If you read [book:Baking Me Crazy|50931374] you know the Buchanan family is known for their love curse – once they meet THE one, it’s love at first sight and a forever kind of thing. There’s a rule though, the curse only applies to our beloved town of Green Valley Tennessee.

Grace is the only woman born in the Buchanan family in generations, and she doesn’t really believe in curses… That’s until she sees Tucker for the first time, and it’s not love what she is feeling, but hatred.


But don’t worry, this is not really an enemies-to-lovers, because soon enough that feeling is replaced for something way more lovey-dovey. The issue is… Tucker has a girlfriend, his whole life was planned out for him and he’s been drowning in his responsibilities. He’s lost and bored, but there’s something about Grace that he can’t stop thinking about, will he have enough courage to turn his life upside down and choose a path without a safety net?

One thing that I have to say about Tucker and Grace is that they had SCORCHING chemistry, their banter and connection was amazing. But, because Tucker’s previous relationship was so long and the switch to being infatuated with Grace was so quick I never really believed he was as in love with her as she was with him. Even with the amazing grand gesture at the end, I wish we would have gotten an epilogue that was a year or more into the future so that we could know that they made it, that he was still as invested in their relationship as Grace was.

I really do think that he had a bond with Grace and appreciated her. But, it seemed like she was the answer to this shiny new life he was pursuing, and I just needed more from them.

What we do get from the epilogue is a POV from Grace’s twin brother Grady, and although I was pretty much expecting a possible relationship with THAT character, I wasn’t a fan…

ps: just to clarify that there’s no cheating in this book.
ps2: Maxine Barton was epic in this, LOVED her character.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review ❤️

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)

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