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A King So Cold by Ella Fields (Book Review)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)

A King So Cold is an Adult Romantic Fantasy that is not amazing on the Fantasy side of things, and I’m not sure how great on the Romance either. BUT, I’m not mad about it. Because it was atmospheric and addictive. It just had that spark, that makes you keep reading, you know? It is definitely very different from what Ella Fields usually writes, except for the angst, which remains strong in this one.

So, breaking it down: for a Fantasy, this lacked world-building, we’re thrown in this world that has the Sun Kingdon, and Moon Kingdon (which is Allureldin?), and Beldin wich is this forbidden fae land thing? But things are a bit scattered. We also have royals (humans with power), humans, Fae, Mermaids, half-bloods, etc. There’s a lot going on, but it feels like we only get a surface-level explanation. However, because it borrows from classic Fantasy tropes, it’s easy enough to just go with it, and ignore the missing pieces.

The romance is more lust than love. The story revolves around Raiden, the king that was exiled after he betrayed the throne. He was in a brief arranged marriage with Audra (our badass main character) that was meant to bring peace to the realm, but after he becomes a traitor the queen makes sure his memories are erased before sending him away. When Audra learns that Raiden is now to be married to a commoner, she kidnaps him and is intent on restoring his memories before he is sentenced to death. In the meantime, she has been having an affair with Zad, the lord of the east, and war is on the horizon. Audra, who just turned 21, needs to find the strength to protect her land and also her heart. So basically, a love-triangle sort of ensues.

But, again, I enjoyed this. I loved Audra’s character, I would probably describe her as chaotic neutral. And although the world wasn’t too explained, I was ok with it. Also, the love-triangle was refreshing. It’s boring when you know from the start who the character will end up with, and A King So Cold had me guessing until the very end. And hey, maybe even now I’m not 100% sure. This will continue as a series, and who knows what is going to happen.

And, this book was super sexy. Like, yeah, very very sexy. Again, not mad about it.

In a nutshell, do I want a lot more context? Yes! Do really want to continue reading about these characters? Also, yes.

This was ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.


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