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The Summer of Us by Melanie Moreland (Book Review)

This book tells the story of Linc Thomas and Sunny Jenson, two childhood sweethearts and best friends that fall for each other and have an amazing summer working together in a camp close to Mission Cove.

I LOVE childhood sweetheart stories, and the first half of this book does not disappoint. Their relationship was so sweet. However, Linc’s father is your typical hateful villain: he’s rich, entitled, beats his kid, has an allergy to anyone less fortunate and is an all-around terrible person. His investments control Misson Cove and he somewhat rules the small town through his many businesses and real estate. He despises that his son is invested in Sunny because she’s the kid of one of the maids of his hotel, and therefore scum. He eventually separates them and sends Linc to a boarding school/prison on the other side of the world. I wasn’t a fan of this very one-dimensional almost cartoonish aspect of his father, but ok, I could move on from it.

Part 2 is ten years later, Linc comes back to Mission Cove, his father has passed and he’s set to set all of his wrongs into rights. He finds Sunny again and their connection is still strong. Now, their mission is to see if they can still be together after so much time and hurt passed between them.

This part surprised me because it was all about building their relationship, and not your typical second-chance romance angst of will they, won’t they. But, eventually, it got a bit tiresome. For a book with heavy themes, this always almost too fluffy, to the point of being cheesy. The second part dragged on for a bit too long after they had already reconnected.

Overall, this was an interesting book, and I’m interested in Abby and Michael’s story (which I assume will be the next book in the series?). It was a bit too happy and cheesy if that makes sense, but if you’re looking for something just light and heartwarming this could be the book for you.

This was an ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

⭐⭐⭐ (3.5 Stars)


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