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The Hunter by L. J. Shen (Book Review)

⭐⭐ (2 Stars)

See also: Cover Reveal, Blurb and everything about the book.

This was not for me. I’m usually all in for L. J Shen’s crazy shenanigans, but this was just too much.

I just don’t understand why you would describe in very nasty details your supposed hero having an orgy with five other girls, very publicly, being filmed, being exposed, being charged with rape (even if it was consensual) and then having not only any remorse but feeling proud and happy about it. Also, he’s a 19-year-old boy, with five girls… which in itself is ridiculous. Also, who are these 18/19-year-old girls who would be ok with all of that? They sounded like bad caricatures.

If you do manage to survive the cringy beginning, it does get a little better. We are introduced to Sailor, and I was really enjoying her character and her background wanting to be an Olympic Archer. It was different and refreshing and I loved that she was Sparrow and Troy’s daughter. But, the girl is done dirty in this book, because all of a sudden she becomes more focused on getting a makeover, falling in love, and then she decides that she never wanted to go to the Olympics anyway. There’s a whole subplot that was predictable, but also overdramatic and just didn’t add to the story. I wanted to root for her, but then it fell flat.

And what can I say about Hunter? Even with his somewhat growth he was just so dislikable. For a guy that supposedly has a genius IQ he speaks in a way that is SO annoying. It’s a combination of 25% cuss words, 50% stupid sexual innuendos, and 25% imitating The Great Gatsby. Honestly, the innuendos were nauseating, because there was so many of them until the last freaking page, it was like a joke book for 12-year-olds, ha ha ha, boobs, haha. I don’t understand how this would make a guy interesting to be around with, I would want to smash my head in the wall.

Anyway, this was not for me. I thought for some reason this would be years after All Saints High, so I was expecting a more mature Hunter, some mafia tension mixed with the wealthy side of Boston, some insights into the dark underbelly of the city… but this book, unfortunately, was not it

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