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Steal My Magnolia by Karla Sorensen (Book Review)

☆☆☆☆ (4 Stars)

Back when I reviewed Batter of Wits I mentioned that in the epilogue we were teased about how the Buchanan (love at first sight) curse was going to strike for Grady and Magnolia and that I wasn’t a fan. So, let me be honest, I’m still no a fan. BUT, I still managed to enjoy Steal My Magnolia very much.

You can of course read this as a standalone, but I recommend starting with the amazing Baking Me Crazy. If you do follow the series you come across Grace and Tucker in the second book. In this follow-up, Magnolia is Tucker’s longtime ex-girlfriend and Grady is Grace’s twin brother. This just creates a very awkward plot that I still think could have been avoided… However, if you do manage to get past the weirdness (as I did) you will definitely fall in love with the main protagonists.

That’s because Grady is a level 1000 cinnamon roll and Magnolia is a ”get it done” queen. Their personalities are the best things about Steal My Magnolia. I love how they interact with one another, but also the characters around them. Their easy banter makes the pacing flow easily and the reading experience delightful.

Karla Sorensen knows how to write love at first sight without making it feel paper-thin, and that’s always a difficult task. I do wish we could have seen more from Magnolia, as Grady’s love seemed one-sided for a very long time. Still, this was a heartwarming romance and a great start to Smartypants Romance Spring Launch.

Thank you Smartpants Romance for the ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review ❤️

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