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The One That I Want by Piper Sheldon (Book Review)

☆☆☆ (3.5 Stars)

Ah, the Scorned Women’s Society… I missed them. Piper Sheldon strikes again with a brand new retelling, this time with a gender-reversed Grease!

The One That I Want is the follow up to My Bare Lady and The Treble With Men (ps: go read them if you haven’t already), and tells the story of Roxy Kincaid. After being Jethro Winston’s old lady and riding with the Wraiths for some time, Roxy manages to leave that life behind with the help of her friend Gretchen. Years later and she is in a really good place, but, she still feels like she has so much to prove to herself and the people around her.

On a trip to Denver, she decides to go out and have fun for one night, and there she meets the gorgeous and fun Australian that is Sanders. He is immediately enamored with the mysterious brunette, but under his easy smiles and carefree facade, Sanders is hiding some secrets of his own. Together, they can be strong enough to heal and overcome their past, but of course, there are a few obstacles on their way.

For some reason, even though this is a beautiful and emotional story I just couldn’t connect with Roxy and Sanders. Maybe it was the insta-love, maybe it was how the first 50% of the book was about their jobs and I wasn’t really interested in that. Something was just off for me, and that’s sad because I adore Piper Sheldon and the first two books of the series are five star reads to me.

Still, this was very well written and I just love being back in Green Valley with the SWS and all the amazing side characters. However, as a romance… I, unfortunately, wasn’t too convinced. But, I can’t want to read about Gretchen, she definitely deserves her HEA.

Thank you Smartpants Romance for the ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review ❤️

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